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Linda Wolski Memorial Grant

To download and print ***Linda Wolski Memorial Grant Form*** click here

The Minnesota Kindergarten Association is pleased to offer 3 professional development grants to support the registration fee for the Minnesota Kindergarten Association spring conference. Recipients will be expected to become a member of the Minnesota Kindergarten Association for $25 and will write a brief summary of ideas gleaned at the conference for the MKA newsletter.

Each proposal must clearly address all of the following guiding statements. Professional development grants will be scored using a rubric.

Grant applications must be postmarked by March 1.


Please state the following in a typed document.

  1. Describe your need for additional professional development.
  2. Describe how you will share the information gleaned at the conference with other staff members at your school.
  3. Describe a strength you have as an educator.
  4. Describe an area you would like to further develop in your teaching.
  5. Include a cover page with the following information:




School name

School address

Email address


Recipients will be notified by email. Recipients will also be formally recognized at the Minnesota Kindergarten Association Spring Conference.


For Linda Wolski:

Email grant proposals to kzuehlke@isd876.org by March 1




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