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Ann Allen Minnesota Kindergarten Association Scholarship

To download and print ***Ann Allen Scholarship Application Form*** click here



The Ann Allen Kindergarten Scholarship will be awarded as evidence of the Minnesota Kindergarten Association’s ongoing promotion and support of the Kindergarten teaching profession. The $500 scholarship will be awarded to college students seeking a certification to teach kindergarten.



Eligibility Requirements

  • The applicant must maintain a 3.0 grade point average
  • The applicant must be pursuing a degree that includes a kindergarten certification (student teaching in kindergarten is encouraged)
  • The applicant must provide the following:
  1. Complete application form
  2. Two Recommendation letters, one from a college instructor and one from another individual who has experienced the applicants leadership ability and character
  3. College transcript
  4.  Narrative descriptions to three statements provided on the application form

Use of Scholarship Funds

Scholarship funds are to be used for tuition, books, and fees only. The scholarship recipient must use the $500 during the next regular school year.



Disbursement of Funds

Scholarship funds will be deposited with the Student Financial Aid Office at the college or university listed on the application. Scholarship funds will be forfeited if the funds are not used within the school year following issuance, if the recipient never enrolls, or if the recipient withdraws from school.



Selection and Recognition

Recipients will be notified by mail. Recipients will also be formally recognized at the Minnesota Kindergarten Association Spring Conference.



For Ann Allen:

Email scholarship applications to by February 15



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